• An IT Pro-file: Wilton John Picou

  • Posted on April 15, 2017
  • At one stage of his decade-long career, Wilton John Picou also served as an Application Quality Assurance Analyst at Monsanto. From that position of great responsibility, he was able to develop and implement new and improved testing methods that were designed to facilitate the accelerated application of the development lifecycle. That provided him with a number of challenges, of course. He had to so all of that while maintaining the company’s high standards and without affecting the quality of deliverables. He was able to do all of this by applying his high level of technological skill, by effectively applying PXE tools and Altiris software.

    Most who know him believe that it is the unique combination of education and experience that combine to provide Wilton John Picou with the ability to search for and implement any IT solutions that may be needed in any situation. And that never actually ends. Because he is a highly curious person, he is always eager to learn everything he can. Wilton John Picou strongly believes that getting a solid education is a major key to reaching each level of success, but experience is what makes him invaluable to any company who would like to hire him.

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